Why More People are Picking Used Over New

Why buying a used car is almost always better than buying a new one

More and more people are choosing used cars over new ones. You may think this is simply down to personal choice but there are clear advantages to buying a used car. Cost is a huge factor. New cars are always going to be more expensive than used ones. There is also a much more diverse range of used cars to select from which gives you more choice. Plus now with technology as developed as it is, anyone can look up and learn just about anything on the internet. Making it easier than ever to determine the rough value and quality of a car from your computer. Used car prices are of course cheaper, as soon you drive a new car off the lot it’ll start depreciating in value. While you can argue a used car also loses value after purchase it can’t be argued that it’s at a much slower and smaller rate. Assuming your car is taken care of and kept in good condition depreciation in value can nearly slow to a crawl for a while. When considering this it’s easy to see the loss in resale value of new cars exponentially greater than used ones. Not only are used car prices cheaper than new ones but you can end up with cheaper add-ons (such as a MP3 player, heated seats, cruise control etc). Since you can’t customise which features your car comes with its used often any extra features are significantly discounted. The only down side is that if you’re very keen on a certain feature you may have to wait longer to find the right car that has it. New cars are only ‘new’ for a limited time as models upgrade and stock changes every year. This means when looking to purchase a new car you’ll always be limited to what is in fashion and stock that year. However with used models you have decades of different cars to select from. So if you want something a bit more unique and you prefer to have more range in choices, used cars are the way to go. One of the big reasons more people are switching over to used cars besides the lower prices is due to technology and accessibility. We live in the age of technology where infinite knowledge is just a click away. By using websites such as http://www.carcostcalculator.ca to look up the book value of a used car before even looking at the car you can have a good idea if the car is reasonably priced or not. Even further you can look up reviews from other people about the car you’re considering and gain insight into others experiences. Between the cost, diversity and accessibility to knowledge we now have it is no wonder used cars such a popular choice. Remember to utilize internet resources and take time to shop around for your ideal used car. You’ll be thankful for the money you saved!