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There are a lot of questions when you are buying a used car. Not only do you want to figure out which make and model you want, but you will also want to know which year is the best one to buy. When does that truck start holding it's value more? Does the that car depreciate more based on year or on the kilometres driven? Does that car cost less in other provinces? Would it be worth driving farther to save some money? Here is the place that will provide some answers for you. Enter your e-mail and select the make, model and year that you are looking for and we will e-mail you a report on that vehicle. It will include the average cost of the vehicle for all the years that we have, the depreciation rate for all years, the depreciation rate by kilometres and the average cost of the car for each of the provinces for the year that you provided. Give it a try and it will help you narrow down your car purchase in no time!